Happy birthday, Pal! This big pup turned 1 on April 1st. Time has gone by quickly, from the little puppy that would curl up on my lap to the big 66 lb dog that doesn’t quite understand that he’s too big to be a lap dog now but still continues to try and curl up there anyway. Pal had a break away from us for a week while we took our first holiday over two years! The first day and night, Pal took a while to settle into his new surroundings, but the next day the sitter said he and Pal had come to an understanding of each other. We are truly grateful for all the hard work sitters do for our pups! Pal is learning to settle much quicker when we are on outings. Thank goodness for stuffed kongs, that have helped. A good chew with some yummy kibble, and he’s ready for a nap. Pal’s exuberance when meeting new people or another dog has been great for my upper body workout! We’ll continue to work on calmly saying hello, but it is difficult when you are such a friendly Lab puppy.

Submitted by: Lisa Anthony