Spring has started to make its way to Calgary’s side of the Rockies, and the advanced dog crew is very pleased to be taking advantage of the warmer weather. Pal II focuses on learning new skills like perch work, rear foot targets and chin targets. He is proving how much he loves learning and picking up new skills and loves working for food. Pal is proving to be a fun-loving guy who loves to carry his toys around and run off-leash with his dog friends.

  • Skills being learned: Chin targeting, Rear foot target, Perch skills
  • Recent field trips: PetSmart, Chasin Tails, Restaurant
  • Possible behavior challenges: Struggles to settle, Motivated by other dogs
  • Advanced training location: Calgary

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Pal II!

Submitted by: Evelyn, Instructors assistant