May was a month with unexpected events. Between Pal being neutered and I coming down with Covid, we didn’t have much time for new, fun adventures. Before the two of us were confined to the house, we did have a chance to ride the bus and SkyTrain to MEC to go shoe shopping. Pal was a little tired from our journey and decided to sprawl out to relax while I tried on shoes. I think we need to work on “going in” under a chair!

Pal has enjoyed the sunshine, as I think we all have. After being in his kennel, I take him out to the backyard, where he is happy to lie and bask in the sun. We have had lots of fun playing with his toys both in the backyard and in the house. Pal continues to love “working.” He is building up his duration for waiting, which is not something he particularly likes to do. Pal would prefer doing something rather than sitting and waiting. He is a very energetic dog that is working on being calm.

Now that Pal’s stitches have almost healed, it’s time to go out and explore again.

Submitted by: Lisa Anthony