Pal had a few first-time experiences this month. We took a trip on the bus and sky train. Pal did very well even though he slid across the floor on a sharp turn the bus took! Nothing seems to upset this young pup. We also rode on the ferry and water taxi. This ride was a little long for Pal as he whined and looked at me for treats when we sat down. Pal prefers to be on the move. I have never spoken to so many people on the ferry. I think my husband was getting a little jealous of all the attention I was, I mean, Pal was getting. Pal was a great ambassador for PADS. One of the best changes in the last month has been how calm Pal can be around children. Once he has said hello, he sits or lies right down beside his new best friend. Good puppy! 

Submitted by: Lisa Anthony