Pal had some new experiences this month. We went to the theatre for the first time. I wasn’t sure how Pal would react, so a children’s rendition of Rainbow Fish was perfect for him. Pal started off well under my seat but popped right up at the first explosion of applause. One little woof came out, but I doubt anyone heard it. It took a little encouragement for Pal to settle again. 

At one point, he placed his chin on the seat in front of us to watch the show. It looked very cute, but I thought it was best to follow protocol and have him lie down again. We had a few outings to restaurants. Pal is not sure why he needs to lie down under the table. There are so many smells, people and crumbs on the ground that being still is very difficult. On a hot day, Pal thought it was much more comfortable to sprawl out rather than curl up, so much for staying out of the way! Another new adventure was a trip to Nat Bailey Stadium for a Vancouver Canadians game. I thought Pal would lie down for a nap but then out popped his little head between our feet on the empty bench in front of us. I guess a ball game is just too exciting to sleep through. 

Hot summer days mean pool time. I had the pool out for my grandson, but Pal thought it must be for him and jumped right in. Everyone had a good time cooling their paws! 

Submitted by: Lisa Anthony