Peach had a very busy August. She hosted Pads Mudge from Aug 3-13th and they had many fun times together both on and off cape. They rode the bus and went shopping in cape and behaved wonderfully. They both had a wonderful playdate with handsome Pads puppy Vader and then behaved well at his house while their humans had dinner. She then hosted Pads Padme and traveled to Vancouver Island and visited more humans. Both dogs rode the bus to and from Horseshoe Bay beautifully and the ferry ride both ways was no problem. Peach also went to the PNE and enjoyed the social aspect of it but not the livestock. She was fine in the crowds of people and was eager to be touched by friendly people and children. She did fairly well in the animatronic bugs. We needed a small sniff break but were able to walk through them and even past when the sounds and movement were all around her. She was very unsure about the larger livestock. Had trouble walking past the cows but was very interested in the smaller animals. We did not want to push her too hard so we moved out of the barn prior to going past the smaller animals. She also had no problem with the noise and lights of Playland. We had a few instances where she wanted to eat food off the ground (mini donuts and french fries… yum) but were able to get her engaged and move forward with little difficulty.

Submitted By: Meredith & Henrik Areskoug