Peach has made some incredible improvements since last month. She is now sleeping through the night in her kennel, walking with great loose leash and is constantly giving me eye contact. I still walk her with a harness in busy or new areas. She doesn’t necessarily pull but she does walk faster in those cases. Most of the time I walk her with just her collar and she does very well.
I have been working on basic obedience commands such as sit and down, as well as developing her duration in these areas. Her down duration is great and I’ve started to add distraction and movement, however her sit still needs some work as she tends to slide into a down after about one minute. I have been trying to shape stand with her and I think she might be starting to understand but still needs a lot of work.
Her wait is also a lot better, particularly car doors which she used to jump out of as soon as the opened. I have been surprised by how amazing her dog distraction is and by how much attention she gives me in high distraction areas such as puppy class. There have been instances where a puppy will pull towards her or bark at her and she will remain in her sit or down. Overall, I think she is so smart and she will catch up to the training level of the rest of her litter mates in no time.

Submitted By: Maricely Escobedo