Hi friends! Sorry for the radio silence…raiser lady’s had a rough couple of months with me. In February, I went into heat, so I was in lockdown for 3 weeks. Then once I was recovered, I went to two sitters for a week while my humans did spring break activities that didn’t include me. Go figure! After our break, we got back into training, but then I got a little sick…it was a rough few days in the household, and I wasn’t allowed in public for a week. So that was March in a nutshell…onto April…the best month…Β 

April 1 – my Horse Colour siblings and I turned 1 year old πŸ™‚ My human got me treats and toys to celebrate at home. Sadly I was still recovering from being sick, so I wasn’t allowed to attend the birthday pawrty with my siblings. I also wasn’t given all my birthday treats that day…raiser lady cut my cupcake and shared it over a few days so I wouldn’t have any issues…something about stinky messes in the house. I still had a great day and enjoyed my treats and toys.Β 

I went to the office with the raiser lady once this month. I had some decent behaviour…I didn’t bark this time. But I’m still pretty impatient, and I don’t like settling down, and I get bored when the raiser lady stands around talking to people…makes me feel left out, so I make my presence known πŸ˜› But then the raiser lady and her husband took me to Brentwood Mall. I actually did ok there…the husband took FOREVER to get his lunch at the food court, so the raiser lady did lots of training practice with me…I might have barked once. Then we got to sit outside in the plaza with lots of people and distractions. The Raiser lady said I did pretty good πŸ™‚Β 

Submitted by:Β Pearl