Pearl has been settling in and has become fast friends with her brother Roan. They enjoy their play breaks in the yard together! Pearl is a spunky, outgoing, and sweet girl who is eager to get working. Some of the quirks we are working on are settling in group situations and being calm around dog distractions. Pearl has shown an excellent desire to work on these things, and we look forward to seeing her build strength in these areas. It’s looking like Pearl will have a spot on a trainer’s string shortly. She’s excited to see who she will be working with! After a few days in the kennel, Pearl was off to a sitter. Pearl has been with her sitter for a few weeks and has proven to be a good houseguest. She does not bark and has good loose-leash walking skills. She can get distracted but, for the most part, stays in a heel. Pearl went on a field trip to Ikea, and after a while, she settled and even ignored a dropped French Fry next to her. 

Thank you for all your support of Advanced Dog Pearl!

Advanced training location: West Coast 

Submitted by: Jade, Kennel Coordinator