Hi friends!

Wow, what a month it was. Raiser lady’s been exhausted for some reason. Something about the multiple visits to the animal hospital and to Burquitlam. Raiser lady is hoping I stay healthy from now on…she got tired of cleaning carpets, so she threw a bunch of them out recently…my fault?!?!

But somehow in-between my bouts of illness, I was able to attend an in-person class at Warner Loat Park, and had a 1:1 with my teachers at Confederation Park. I’m still an excited teenager, and raiser lady is using all her tricks to keep me focussed on her. Oh yah, the vet told me i’m a chunky monkey, and agreed with teacher Heather’s reduction of my food intake πŸ™ My food bowl has somehow disappeared too…i’m still getting used to not eating out of a bowl…but i get LOTS of kibble on my walks, and i even get to SEARCH for food in the grass!