What a busy June 2021 I’ve had! I moved in with my new family – mom, dad, and 2 kids (G is 12 & J is 7). G ignored me for the first 2 weeks, but I won him over eventually…now he sits near me and will pet me! J likes to be on my bed and cuddle with me, and he loves me sooooo much! My human says we both need to learn our boundaries…sometimes, I get tired of him or a little too excited and will bite back.

Every weekday, I take G & J to school and get to see lots of kids. I even get to visit the school office and play with the Principal and Secretary. We’ve gone to my human’s work office a few times, and the people love to see me…I may have marked my territory in the lunchroom on one of those visits ๐Ÿ˜› I’ve gone out to Cactus Club (twice!) and Earls (I wasn’t the only PADS dog there…Autumn was under a patio table with her people!).

Even though my human is working from home right now, she still takes me to lots of places! I really hated car rides at first, but after a week, I eventually adjusted to being in the kennel. Now, I’ve graduated to the front footwell, and I get treats for sitting or lying down nicely. Sometimes my human hasn’t been able to take me with her, so the longest I’ve stayed home was 2.5 hours. I don’t always like to be home alone, but at least she leaves a snuffle-mat full of kibble and even a frozen kong with kibble inside!

My training is going ok – I’m really good at focusing at home with the lure treats. But once I’m outside, the world is so interesting, and I want to experience EVERYTHING! I really like using my mouth to explore and taste, too…my human isn’t a big fan of this habit. This last week of June, my human let me interact with some other dogs – I really enjoy the “release” time, but I’m a bit too rambunctious for some of these other dog friends.

My humans are pretty smart – they have this portable air conditioner, so our home is nice and cool. I tried the “pool,” but it’s still pretty hot outside ๐Ÿ˜› That’s it for June…stay cool!

Submitted by: Tracey M-L