Hi friends! 

What a wet, wet, wet month I’ve had! My human got me a fancy new rainslicker because of this “atmospheric river.” I haven’t really enjoyed the rain… I’d rather be nice and cozy at home with my little person…I’m nice to share my bed with him 🙂 But sometimes he takes over the whole thing, and I end up falling out 🙁 

I’ve gone to the office with my human a few times this month. I got into some trouble there one day and ended up at the vet. Human felt so bad for me, but fortunately, everything turned out A-OK. Human learned a lesson and has relocated some items out of my reach. It was a busy month for human, so she signed me up for a day at Douglas College with the vet techs…apparently, I did great! 

I’m still working on being calm and not barking for attention. It’s tough work! We’re learning new tricks in class, and I’m getting a bit dizzy with all the spins and turns, but human is really happy with my technique 🙂 


Submitted by: Pearl