Hi friends! 

September 2021 was a quiet month for us. I’ve taken a break from the work office – it seems my barking and jumping isn’t working out for my human – but I’ve learned to “kennel” really well at home. But life for my human has never been busier – something about people returning to the office, kids going back to school, and lots of activities have returned to “normal.” 

I’ve been packed up in the car for lots of school drop-offs and pick-ups…sometimes, I even get to walk around the school grounds and see lots of little people and other dogs. I’m still working on my dog-dog interactions – I just find other animals soooooo fascinating! The human took me to a PADS event where they were receiving a donation…there were a LOT of dogs, people, and loud motorcycles. I was fine with the people and the noise…but I was super excited to greet other dogs. I needed a time out though 😛 

Anyways, human has been working on my skills – longer “sits” and “downs.” “Calm” is a hard one for me…I really like it when my human pays attention to me! I also have FOMO, so I don’t like it when my human walks away from me, and I worry that when I close my eyes, I might miss out on something really good. But I’m only 6 months old…I still have lots to work on and learn! 


Submitted by: Tracey M-L