December was a fun month, but Wow, did it ever get cold! I would not tolerate wearing any booties quite yet though! I persevered wearing a sweater, but I was just trying to go along with the festive spirit!

Before it got too cold, I went tobogganing on a pink flying saucer – so much fun – my favourite part was perching on it and running down the hill with only my back legs! I love to perch … on everything! I can even walk in circles right and left while perching on something small! But I shouldn’t perch on people. 🙁

I have been quite good at my “go-ins” … while shopping for skis and waiting for booster shots and at puppy class. I really like to carry things too – even full heavy water bottles. I even got the hang of playing “find it”, but it may have been a bit fluky, but still kind of fun!

I really like drains for some reason (inside or outside) … especially storm drains… I search them out!

I finally got to go downstairs on my own, as I am strong enough and old enough now! Sometimes I pretended to be nervous, though, just so I could be carried again. 😉

I got to go to work for a few days, and I was a hit – everyone loved me! And I was well-behaved too.

I spent Christmas with my new raiser people! I think I’m going to like it there, especially laying on the cozy fluffy carpet and my new fancy bed!

Happy New Year everyone – looking forward to an action-packed year… of fun and lots of training!

Love Phoebe

Submitted by: Kristen and Lee