February was an action-packed month, even though it was a shorter one than normal!

I went on several snowy mountain and valley hikes with so many sights, smells and sounds to take in! I love wearing my “hand-me-down” harness and being free to explore, yet I am on the money with my recalls and other commands even while exploring!

I also got to have a few play dates; one with a couple of dominating female PADS dogs and one with a giant playful male white retriever. I am no pushover, but I prefer the gregarious play style vs body slamming and biting!

My physical action adventures were nicely paired with numerous days “at work” whether being the lovely office assistant at home or the golf pro shop. I excelled in both locations. However, the loud and frequent sound of the golf simulator startled me for a while, but I was finally desensitized with kibble!

My training is going great, and I catch on to brand new cues immediately and am not afraid to offer actions if I am unsure of the specific request. I am almost getting too smart! However, I still must work on controlling my urge to throw myself at or on people! I am also getting used to that Halti thing around my nose if I abuse the “loose leash” walking privilege. I am getting it though, and rewarded with the removal of the Halti if acting like a nice lady.

I continue to excel at my puppy classes. People are amazed as I am the one who does not bark in classes now!

Submitted by: Kristen and Lee