Hi everyone, I’m PHOEBE!! I arrived in the snowy Okanagan, after hanging out for a week with famous PADS Fred and Loki the cat!

Life is quite different here…no dogs or cats or kids, but my new peoples are making up for it – I swear that they have four legs. I live a 3-minute walk away from an endless valley and hills full of adventure! I get carried intermittently on my wee adventures so that I can rest up and warm up my little toes, but then I run like the wind again!

I am having so much fun, and I let everyone know it!! A couple of my nicknames so far are the “Phoebenator” and “Little Bee” (I buzz around and like to sting/bite). I can be calm and snuggly too… I am a living foot warmer during the day when my peoples have to do important stuff on their computers or when they are washing dishes or in one place for any length of time. My most favourite snuggle time is when I am coming out of my kennel – especially in the morning!

I am a real smarty pants – at my puppy classes and at home and out and about (even at my Sponsor’s Total Pet with so many distractions). I’m learning so much, and I actually enjoy learning. Hopefully, I learn how to “not” jump up on people! It is so difficult not to jump up, as everyone loves me! However, I will try to be better in December, or Santa may not come!

See you all soon!

Submitted by: Kristen and Lee