Hello, PADS friends! April was an exciting month for me because I turned 4 months and had all my vaccines. 

I got to play with my fellow PADS puppy-in-training, Cowan, out in the woods. I also went to my first PADS event with BC Distilled, and PADS Cadence showed me how to be a very good service dog. 

My raiser says I am doing a very good job with my loose leash walking and getting better at ignoring distractions every day. I’m having a hard time with my body mechanics for the tuck sits and downs, but we work on it lots, and I know I’ll get it soon. 

The best part of being a PADS puppy-in-training is getting to go to work with my raiser. She has very nice co-workers, so understand that I am also working and they give me lots of pets when my raiser says I can take a break. 

May is going to be an extra special update. My raiser says we are going on a big adventure; I even got a new travel crate. Stay tuned! 

Submitted by: Siobhan