Pickles II has been with me for a week and a half and is already showing huge confidence. Pickles has had lots of news experiences. Going to the offices, restaurants, coffee shops, busy streets, etc. and she’s been unphased by the sights and sounds of busy downtown life. She was hesitant of stairs during her assessment and now joyfully approaches them as she knows they most likely lead to the best sniffing spots. She’s excited to meet new people, and we’re working on her manners when approaching them. 

Pickles can be a bit mischievous and bitey but is getting better every day at settling herself down with her own toys. Training and body handling can be tough when she wants to eat everything, but we’re making improvements and even clipped the nails on a couple of her paws this week. She sleeping fully through the night now and learning to focus on me when we’re out on walks.

Submitted by: Siobhan