Write Your Pupdate Hi PADS friends, June was a quiet month for me, which has been good for me to work on my off switch.

 My raiser says I’m getting into adolescence. I don’t really know what that means, but I know I’m bored a lot more often and don’t take as many naps. My raiser helps me handle this with some quick games of tug and some short training sessions between her meetings. 

We also started more in-person classes with our trainer. It’s been really helpful for my raiser and me to see some of the older PADS dogs work on their training and practice being calm around the other dogs. Our trainer said I am doing really well for my age. 

A fun thing I learned about in June was the hose. It’s a really fun toy when it’s hot outside. 

Till next month, Pickles

Submitted by: Siobhan