My raiser is a bit late on my Pupdate for September because October has been such an exciting month for us; that’s going to be a Pupdate to watch for but for now, September!

Probably the most exciting thing in September was that we went to the Vancouver Aquarium. I got to meets lots of other PADS dogs and their raisers. We also saw some water doggos (sea lions). They barked like me but their treats were whole fish (jealous). My raiser said I did a really good job being calm around all the new stimuli and people.

My raiser also got a new car this month so we have been getting lots of practice getting in and out of different parts of the car. It took a little bit to get used to the big trunk, but now it’s my favourite spot in the car because I get lots of treats and can move around more than in the wheel well. It also means we get to go on lots more adventures.

People keep telling me that I really am a teenager now. I don’t know what that means but sometimes I ignore my raiser and see what I can get away with when she is not watching. I’ve also gotten a lot more sensitive to the world around me. I’m noticing more noises and sometimes it’s scary. My raiser is helping me though. She guides me to my bed and gives me some treats and tells me it’s going to be okay.

Don’t forget to check in for our October Pupdate (we spent lots of time at the office)!

Submitted by: Siobhan