Woof woof! It’s Pimento! I joined my new family at the end of May, and I just love them so much. Whenever my human mom and dad take me out of my kennel or come home, I’m very happy to see them and try to give them lots and lots of kisses. I am so happy to have an older sister, who is almost done in Kindergarten, and she likes to cuddle me when I’m sleeping in my bed or pass me my toys. I’m a bit confused why they don’t want me on their bed, though! I give the best cuddles.

My favourite thing to do at home besides sleep in my kennel is playing with my stuffed toys. I love chewing on my stuffies and shaking them around. My favourite is my Foxy. I also LOVE belly rubs so much. When my humans rub my belly, I tilt my head back, and my ears flip on the ground. Sometimes, when they rub my belly, my legs shake too.

My humans live in a townhouse on a busy road, so I get to see lots of exciting things in my neighbourhood: busses, dogs, cars, kids, taxis, and bicycles. I really like all the dogs, but sometimes I need to focus on my mom or dad, and I can’t always say hi, but that’s okay because they have lots of kibble for me. My favourite!

Every day, I go with mom or dad to pick up my big sister from school. Lots of kids seem to stare at me, but all I want is to see my big sister! There is also a big playground with wood chips at school, and I get excited to walk across the wood chips, even though I’m not allowed to eat them.

My dad owns a brewery, so sometimes I hang out there with him and watch people come and go, but there is a sign above me. I don’t know what it says, but the letters are “PLEASE DON’T TOUCH ME OR TALK TO ME. I’M WORKING.” I get to wear my cape, and I like that because I know that then I will get lots of extra kibbles. Sometimes, dad takes me on outings in the neighbourhood, and I get to visit lots of other breweries when my dad picks things up. I love to help my dad.

My mom is a teacher, so I’ve visited her school, but some days she doesn’t work, and then I help her run errands around the city. I’ve been to a grocery store, a garden centre, a hardware store, a bookstore, a post office, and a houseware store. At first, I was a bit scared of grocery carts and the shiny floor, but now I’m so good at walking on shiny floors and following a cart. I love going places with my mom. I follow beside her and looking up at her once in a while, and then I get a treat. My mom and dad are my favourite people…okay, I love my big sister too. When she has swim lessons, I help to be the lifeguard. When she goes to the park, sometimes I watch and chew on a toy, sometimes I walk around and sniff all of the plants, or sometimes I sleep.

Right now, mom and dad say “bed” quite often, and then when I run to my bed, I get a lot of kibble on my bed. My bed is so cozy. If I fall asleep and wake up, somehow kibble appears waiting for me! My big sister likes to bring me freshwater, and that’s nice too.

The oddest thing that happened to me this month was meeting Gertrude, my aunty’s cat. I didn’t mind Gertrude at all. In fact, I much preferred looking at my mom (she looks way friendlier), but Gertrude didn’t seem to like me much. Why is that? Everywhere else I go, everyone seems to love me? They say, “Aw, what a cute puppy, Pimento, you’re so cute, you have a very important job, good girl Pimento.”

Submitted by: Janine Koldyk