What a fun month Piper had this October! She has been adjusting nicely to the school routine and has continually impressed me with how patient she is while I am in class. We have been working hard on loose leash walking, “sit,” luring, “go-in,” and “out” at school. She has learnt the command “out” and can do it perfectly every time.

Piper lives with another PADS dog in training, Derby (her cousin), and outside of training, all they do is play. There is no walking involved when we do our off-leash walks; they are running through the tall grass and tumbling in the dirt. On these walks, we work on our recall as well; Piper has quickly learnt to come when she is called, even when playing with other dogs. We also worked on having Piper and Derby sit and wait for a release word before coming to us!

Of course, Halloween happening and Piper enjoyed some delicious pumpkin pieces. She wore a cute headband on her head for about 5 minutes before she pawed it off her head!

Submitted by: Chelsea Kovacs