Poblano was amazing during this busy month of April. His first challenge was being an ambassador for PADS during the B.C. Distillery event, and you can see that he thoroughly enjoyed himself and looked so handsome in his vest…. despite all the different smells, sounds and dogs there. Poblano did a great job. He also went to the dentist for the first time, and as you can see, everyone loved him and was so excited to welcome him. He ignored all the funny equipment and the weird sounds and settled quite nicely while his human seemed just to lie there. Poblano put smiles on all the dental team at Smile City dental office, and they’re happily anticipating his next visit. 

Later in the month, Poblano took a trip to the airport and travelled on the Canada Line. You can see how nicely he sat in that small space between the seats. He was so well behaved when he arrived at the airport… a reminder of when he volunteered there when his trainer was a Greencoat volunteer. 

Poblano is getting better at settling inside the house and outside in new places, and he went to a different babysitter for a few days. Next month he’s going to have a puppy swap—still, a lot to learn in so many ways. The PADS community is So great at helping this first-time trainer give lots of positive experiences for Poblano. I’m so very proud of how well he is behaving and improving in so many wonderful ways.

I am looking forward to sharing again next month. 

Submitted by: Sheila