I got transferred to a new puppy trainer on August 7. So exciting and scary at the same time. She’s a first time puppy trainer and I get to live with her and her 12 year old boxer, Zara. I also get to learn how to get along with her little grandchildren all under 6 years old. The first 2-3 weeks was a little hard because I had diarrhea…probably from all the changes. The vet gave me some medicine and some gastrointestinal puppy food and now I’m back on track.

I went on the Canada Line all the way down to Vancouver City Centre and had lunch at Nordstrom’s and I even travelled on the Ferry from Tsawwassen to Victoria and back again. Unfortunately there were too many smells and noises and I was talking too much so the K9 ferry person offered me and my human a stateroom. It was nice and quiet and I fell right asleep….my human thought it was a nice surprise treat and wasn’t too upset with my constant talking before.

On the last week of August I went to her high school to start working. There was renovations going on in her office so there were lots of men and noises with drills and hammers… but I slept through it all or just enjoyed the view from my kennel. She and her colleagues were very proud of how I handled everything at school. Can’t wait to see all the students starting school in September. I’ll let you know how things go next month. Wish me luck.

Submitted by: Sheila