Poblano played host to family and friends from Singapore at the beginning of this month. He wowed them with his cuteness and knowledge. He also went to a third babysitter who was impressed with how well he did his commands at only 10 months, but…there’s always a ‘but’ isn’t there…he is exuberant and will pull too much. So Mom got him a harness which works really well to reduce his desire to pull. Makes it more comfortable to walk in some of the snowy, icy weather we’re getting here. 

Poblano also experienced a sleepover with a 2-month-old baby. Her crying didn’t bother him, and he was very curious about the baby smells. Still, he really wasn’t interested after he was told to ‘bed’ or ‘kennel’ so often. He also met up with some Pads pups at a close park and practiced settling, Walking side by side, towards each other and just not getting distracted by the other dogs… I must say, he’s getting better and better, despite his being a challenging teenager! 

An exciting month and lots of successes.

Submitted by: Sheila