Poblano had an amazing experience this month. He went to the regional dog agility competition in Langley as a spectator. He wore his cape and behaved very nicely despite all those other people, dogs, sounds and attractive smells around. I think he wanted to participate, but as you can see, he watched quietly from the bleachers instead. There are so many improvements that I see from Poblano….I’m so proud that he’s showing so much potential in behaviours fitting a service dog. 

This was the last month of school, and there was much excitement, pranks and teenagers being excited. Poblano kept his cool and carried on working and ignoring all that. At the staff social, he was the hit of the party. It was clear that he’s a valued member of the McRoberts Secondary “teaching “ staff. He’s looking forward to the next two months of a break from school too. We’ll tell you all about his adventures in his next pupdate! 

Submitted by: Sheila