March was a busy month for Poblano. He got to host another labrador, non-PADS, over the March break. They loved to play tug of war inside and learned to walk nicely side by side on the few sunny days we had. They were able to share toys, relax nicely and wait patiently for their food. I think it also helped reduce Poblano’s interest in dog distractions. He and Huckle will be friends forever. A good experience for all. 

Poblano also joined his human on several doctor visits and learned to wait patiently in those small little offices. Not always easy for anyone to wait quietly for those appointments. Whenever Poblano talks too much, he is able to settle in the back of the car instead quietly. 

He also turned “1” this month and had a little birthday celebration with his PADS buddies on his regular Saturday gatherings. He’s making more and more improvements in lots of areas, and his human buddy tells him how proud she is of him. He loves making her proud.

Submitted by: Sheila