I hardly got to see my human this month so I had lots of new experiences with someone else. It all started with 2 weeks of a puppy swap and it was like a holiday. I didn’t have to go to school but went to a hockey arena, helped chop wood (or rather got to play and climb all over them), sniffed and explored all kinds of new things, those dandelions made me sneeze a little too much and all those dead crabs on the beach were interesting to smell but…..I’m obviously not a seafood lover. …. yes I do prefer my kibble. Then I had babysitting for a week while my human went to Toronto for a wedding. I thought maybe I had done something wrong and I was so very happy when she came back again. It’s nice to visit other people’s homes and I think I behave nicely but it’s nice to get back to the old routine sometimes. Hope you enjoy the photos of my holiday month. Everyone deserves a break/vacation once in a while….even PADS puppies like Poblano.

Submitted by: Sheila Sundell