I had my 2nd babysitting experience with Jeremy and Nancy this month. They were so impressed with how good I was at only 8 months old. Unfortunately, I did have a couple of accidents indoors, but…. once I returned home, I’ve been able to stay on track with my BG. Mom is so proud of me. She’s teaching me to go around objects on my own and to touch a target with my paw ……and I’m getting it. It’s an easy way for me to get a treat these days. 

I’m not jumping up on people too often, so she lets me “say hi” to more and more of the students at my work. I’ve included some of these pictures below, and as you can see, the students are so happy to have me give them a hug or two. I’m getting out to have play dates with some of my fellow PADs puppies, but it is SOO wet these days. I’m thinking I might ask Santa for some rain boots that fit my 4 paws. Next month I’ve asked to see Santa so that I can ask him directly. There are so many exciting things happening in my home. Mom has put up lots of Christmas trees with these sparkling things on them. Unfortunately, she’s put all the sparkling things up a little higher because I kept having to “drop” them back to her. Now I just sniff them, and maybe once in a while, I’ll try to grab one….they’re just so interesting for me. 

Her grandchildren came over for a sleepover the other weekend, and I was so good around them. They weren’t scared to play with me and we ate together …..I like those little people because they’re just about my size and they like stuffed animals too. It’s hard to figure out which ones are mine and which ones are theirs, but Mom lets me know that they’re “mine” or not. I think I like their stuffies more than mine….. I guess that’s another thing to ask Santa for. 

I wonder if he’ll think I’m naughty or nice. I’ll let you know in the next Pupdate

Submitted by: Sheila