I had a play date with my brother Jalapeño this month. The first time we’ve seen each other since we were separated from our Mom … I can’t believe how similar we look and how much we both love jumping and playing. Our Hoomans couldn’t tell us apart except for our different coloured collars…maybe next time we can really fool them. 

I absolutely LOVE to play with other dogs, but I need to restrain my energy …my recall is getting better and better though. Because I’m so good, my hooman lets me play more frequently. Especially when I’ve been so good at work. I don’t whine or bark for almost a full school day and the students all love to see me around. 

A Friday is a really long day for me because I have to go to the airport for another 4 hours after a school day…..but it is exciting to people watch and imagine travelling all around the world one of these days. 

The Blue Knights made a donation to PADS, and I got to be at the presentation…so much fun. My puppy cuteness and exuberance brought some smiles to those guys, and I wasn’t afraid of those big guys, and noisy motorcycles ….lots of these new experiences make me so happy……I LOVE learning 

Submitted by: Sheila