Pride Feb-2015Wow, I was sure a busy pup this month!  Verdot came for a sleepover twice this month and we played a lot…I mean, a LOT.  Dad also brought Noosa over for play dates in our back yard and I got to play with Seven and Koltan when we went to work at the PADS office on Fridays.

Dad took me to some new places this month like the Richmond Animal Hospital (just to get toothpaste), a couple of clothing stores (boring), a pizza place (smelled wonderful), the UPS Store in Surrey (to pick up puppy business cards) and Horseshoe Slough Trail (I pulled on my leash a lot cuz there were sooo many great smells).

And we went to the Vancouver Pride Society office to drop off some t-shirts.  The nice people there really love puppies…but then, what’s not to love?!  Before we went in, I was using a planter on the sidewalk to practise my Jump On that we learned in class the night before.  Dad says it’s good to practise my skills in different locations.  After our visit, we went to a restaurant for the first time and then we walked around downtown and I got to get up close and personal with some pigeons.  I watched the pigeons but didn’t chase them and Dad was really impressed!

Oh, I got to go to the airport too and met Fossey and her handler, Ashley, from Edmonton.  We all went to PADS and then out for lunch with Margaret.  It was cool swapping toys with Fossey under the table…I think she really liked me.

Pride Feb-2015 02To round out the month, Dad took me to the Pet Lovers Expo in Abbotsford and I got to meet some other PADS dogs and lots of nice people who wanted to know all about PADS.

Through all this, I still managed to work with Dad on my obedience training.  We learned Jump On and Off and we worked on Leave It, Stand and Target.  And we worked on my duration too.  I got up to 6 minutes on my duration Sit and 11 minutes on Down.  Dad says I’m coming along nicely 🙂

Submitted by our incredible PADS Puppy-in-Training, Pride, and his PADS Volunterr Puppy Raiser, Doug Syms.