Pride March 2015So this month we’re all supposed to talk about what we love.  Well, I love lots of things like other PADS dogs, food, and sleep but, most of all, I love to PLAY!!!  I got to go to the Steveston off-leash park for the first time this month and was it ever fun to meet new dogs and play with them!   And Dad took me to Pacific Spirit Park too to run with my buddies…I was tuckered out after that.

One Friday when Dad was working at the PADS office, he took me to play with the dogs in the Advanced Kennel.  They’re a lot older than me but still loads of fun to play with.  Then I had to get back to work and Dad and I did some BAT (Behaviour Adjustment Training) with the office cats.  I wanted to play with them soooo much but I have to learn to “control my impulses” as Dad says.

On other office days, I got to play with Koltan and Seven but I wasn’t allowed to play with Cleopatra…apparently she was “in season”, whatever that is (Dad said I’ll learn about that when I grow up).

The big highlight of the month was going for a sleepover to Verdot’s house.  We played a lot and the next day we had a sleepover at my house.  It’s so nice having a “big brother”!

But Dad says life isn’t all play.  I had to do some training too and I got my duration Sit up to 12 minutes but my Down is still at 11 minutes…I get antsy being motionless for too long.   We started doing duration Stand too and I can do that for a whole minute!  And we worked on Go In, Touch and Wait and how not to use Leave It so much 🙂

See you next month…I’m going outside to play some more.

Submitted by our incredible PADS Puppy-in-Training, Pride, and his PADS Volunteer Puppy Raiser, Doug Syms.