Pride Sep5Hi everybody! My name’s Pride and this is my first Pupdate and I’m so excited!Hi everybody! My name’s Pride and this is my first Pupdate and I’m so excited!

I flew in from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, on September 10th, and I guess I’m now a Canadian citizen. My new raiser, Doug, picked me up at the airport and took me to my new home in Richmond. I’m a really lucky pup cuz Doug is retired so we get to spend almost all of our time together and I have a big backyard to play in.

Pride Sep2Doug didn’t waste any time getting me out meeting people! Three days after I got here, he took me to Jessica Altman’s 9th Birthday Party. It was a PADS fundraiser and her Mom asked me to come. I had lots of fun meeting Jessica’s parents and all her friends and Jessica raised lots of money for PADS!

Then my raiser – I think I’ll call him Dad cuz he seems to like that – took me to a Kiwanis presentation and I met Merlot … and barked at her, too. My Dad takes me to puppy class every week where I get to train and play with the other PADS puppies.

Pride Sep3My Dad raised one pup before me. His name is Verdot and he came over to play one day … he’s really nice and we played a lot!

Dad also took me to a Volunteers’ Information Session and I got to go to the Volunteer Appreciation Night and to Graduation, too! I’m a very busy boy and I really love my Dad and being a PADS puppy-in-training!

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Submitted by our awesome PADS Puppy-in-Training, Pride, and his  PADS Volunteer Puppy Raiser, Doug Syms.