This has been a busy month for me!! It started off a little rocky, I got pneumonia which was pretty scary for both my raiser and me. I did not enjoy that experience, but the vet clinic took amazing care of me and I bounced back surprisingly quickly. I had to stay away from other pups for a while, that was really hard. Playing with friends is my favourite (my form of playing is to roll over the minute I interact with another dog. Sometimes it looks like I am just somersaulting nonstop).

I am learning to be quiet at work, though sometimes I have a lot of feelings and it is hard to keep it inside. Now that it is nice out, raiser and I are biking around places. I’m 50lbs now so we go really slowly up hills, but that gives me more time to smell the air and see what is going on so I don’t mind. I am doing pretty good at my commands, but we are still sometimes struggling with recall- there are just always interesting things between me and the raiser!!

Submitted By: Heather Kitson