Radar just finished his second month of puppy kindergarten! This month, Radar practiced going on walks with his sister (Macca the Shih Tzu) and not jumping on her. We started in the neighbourhood, and he did a good job, so we went into the woods, and he was pretty good! So for his half-year-old birthday, we went on a small hike in the snow at his pace. Radar was more than happy to see the snow, like his QuΓ©bec mom! πŸ˜‰ He also loved to see all the little monsters at school for Halloween. He was a hot dog himself, and the kids loved that! He walked super well around the neighbourhood to show his good manners. He is still working on being able to relax, but like his mommy, it’s a challenge, but he loves the car rides. That’s where he can really shut down!

Submitted by: Marie-Ève Beauchemin