I turned 11 months old this month! I’m almost a grown-up. This month, I continued to work on skills I’m going to need as a service dog. I am very proud to say that I’m no longer scared of the car, and am learning how to get in and out of it properly. We spend a couple of hours a day driving to and from work, and I like riding in the cargo area and looking out the back window. I also like resting my chin on the seats and giving my raiser brown-eyed stares to remind her that I’m still there. This month at work, we had a Halloween Party. I went as a… Rainbow with a pot of gold! Ha ha ha. My raiser wouldn’t let me have any of the gold covered treats though. Next time, I think the coins should have puppy treats inside instead of human treats!

Submitted By: Puppy raiser Sandra Koziol