Hello friends! Renegade here!

Wow, August was exhausting. My family and I went camping all the time! I loved all the new smells, especially the smell of mud. My human said I loved the smell of mud too much and ended up bathing me with lots of bubbles; that’s okay, though, I love the water, even baths!

My human mom said that she is so proud of what a smart girl I am. I am sitting, laying down, and walking on the leash like the big dogs I go to puppy class with now! I am even doing lured heals and sides. My dog mom is so proud of me and gives me lots of great treats when I do all my commands, and it makes me super eager to do everything right.

My human mom told me September is going to be a big month because we are going to university. Stay tuned to hear about whatever that means.

XOXO, Renegade

Submitted by: Rhea