Renegade here! Wow, this summer feels like it has flown by. I have been going on so many new adventures lately. My humans have been playing something called “golf” a lot. It is pretty much a torcher for me. I watch them hit balls really really far with a stick and then can’t even retrieve it for them! The first couple of times it was really hard to just watch the ball and not want to chase after it, but now I’m a pro and just sleep in the cart while they play.

I’m glad my human has a job, it’s nice to go to work and sleep on a cool bed all day after soaking up so much sun and swimming on the weekends. My human said I had another “heat” but it’s been hot out for everyone, the only difference is that I need to wear diapers and no one else does… seems suspicious to me. It was great catching you up, but I have to practice this week’s skills.

Xoxo, Renegade

Submitted by: Rhea & Alex