Robbie is an easy going, gentle and somewhat cautious puppy. He is making good progress in all areas of his training. Toileting, ‘better-go-now’, loose leash walking, waiting for permission to approach his meals – and now, down and mine/yours.

The whole world is new to Robbie and he approaches it with open curiosity. He loves children, the creek in our back yard, the forest trails, and of course other dogs!
He has experienced all modes of transport, from crowded ferries and buses to small boats. He remains calm and polite while grocery shopping, in restaurants and when visiting other people’s homes with their own pets (cats/dogs). Events with loud noises, such as a jazz concert and a Canuck game didn’t worry him.
He did have a bout of kennel cough, which came on suddenly after midnight, but was resolved after several days of staying home and getting extra rest. As the cough cleared, his eyes were discharging for several days, but also easily resolved with a few applications of eye drops.
He has had two events of a small amount of diarrhea, which didn’t last more than a few hours.

Submitted By: Chris Klar