The month of December for me was very low key. I was spayed at the beginning of December so I spent a week at home just recovering and going for short walks. I had to wear a Medical Vest for 10 days and my mom said I was very good as I never went after my stitches. I have recovered very nicely from the surgery and also had my vaccinations done this month. A big “thank you” to the staff at Macleod Trail Veterinary Hospital for all of their loving care!

I was able to spend time hanging out with various friends and family over Christmas and I had fun showing them all of the new things I have learned. Everyone commented that they liked when I did chin (visit) the best – must be because then they can look into my beautiful eyes. I am continuing to work on my side, heel, bravo and chin. I am also working on walking into my cape.

Submitted By: Vivianne Carroll