Rocky Apr 2015 IMG_4037 smlIt’s me again!  I hear I’m supposed to introduce my raisers this month.

They are an interesting bunch The Beaton Family.  They have this affinity for some hockey team called the Calgary Flames.  They even dressed me in a Flames jersey – it was a little strange but I admit – I looked pretty handsome in the red flaming C!

Alex is my human sister.  She’s pretty cool.  She stomps her feet a lot when her mom asks her to take me out but once she gets me outside she usually plays with me for a little while.  Alex is a pretty good singer- I went to hear her sing “O Canada” at a Gold medal ringette game – it was AWESOME!

Rocky Apr 2015 image2Cam is my human brother.  He’s seriously hockey crazy!  This kid plays mini sticks in the basement non-stop (he even broke his front teeth on those mini stick nets- yikes!).  Between him playing hockey and his sister playing ringette, I spent a LOT of time in arenas this winter.  I’m grateful we’ve moved on to outdoor baseball diamonds- I love all the sticks on the ground- it beats the gum under the benches at the arenas.

Rocky Apr 2015 image1Chris is my human dad.  Shhhh… don’t tell anyone but he’s my favourite.  He’s the one that lets me out at 6am and feeds and cuddles me in the morning.

Tracy is my human mom.  She really does not like to get up in the morning.  I’m a little concerned for when Chris goes out of town!

There you have it – those are my puppy raisers.

Chat next month!

Sincerely, Rocky

Submitted by PADS Puppy-in-Training, Rocky and his “human mom”, PADS Volunteer Puppy Raiser,  Tracy Beaton.