Well Rocky fans- it’s time for me to say goodbye.  It is official – I have been called in for Advanced Training in Burnaby.  I am leaving my Calgary home and the Beaton family to start a new adventure.

I will miss Cameron & Alex’s elementary school and all of the fun kids there.  I will miss the cuddly rugs in Cameron & Alex’s bedrooms.  I will miss sneaking footwear from the back landing to my doggie bed.  I will miss the raspberry bushes in the backyard and the view from the living room window.  I will miss waking Cameron & Alex up in the morning with my wet nose on their arm or face.  I will not miss those hockey and ringette games and the cold concrete though!  I will definitely miss playing with my brother Dasher and I’m pretty sure he will miss sucking on my ears- trying to get me to play with him when I just want to have a little rest.  Most of all I will miss the duck and weave maneuver I used on those Beatons when they tried to show me some love!

I’m turning them over to you Dasher.  I know you’re half golden retriever so you will eat up all that snuggly, cuddly stuff- they never seem to run out of it!  Don’t forget, I broke them in for you.  Take care of them.  Maybe let them snuggle you a little extra while their hearts heal.  I was their first dog ever.  I’m not easy to give away.

Signing off from beginner training,


Submitted By: Puppy-Raiser Tracy Beaton