Rocky June 2015 image2 (1) adjI turned ONE year old this month!  My human sister made a super cool sign for my birthday- I wasn’t too pleased to wear it but I did it to appease her (plus I got some sweet treats for letting my mom take a picture!).  They forgot the cake though.

You’re probably wondering how much I’ve grown.

When I arrived in Calgary in October, 2014, I weighed 26 pounds, now I weigh 60 pounds.  Phew!  It’s hard work putting on that much weight in 8 months but I managed.

Rocky June 2015 image2 adj          Rocky June 2015image1 adj           Rocky June 2015 image1 (1) adj

You can see by my photos (in my super down also known as “the superman”) how much longer I am!  You’ll notice in all the photos I am super handsome.

Until the next PupDate – have a great summer!



Submitted by our PADS Puppy-in-Training, Rocky, and his PADS Volunteer Puppy Raiser, Tracy Beaton.