Rocky March 2015 IMG_3783    Rocky March 2015 IMG_3793    Rocky March 2015 IMG_3791

Hi, I’m Rocky.

My favourite things are bananas, fuzzy soft things, my food, my human daddy, my dog friends at puppy class, eating snow and my ring toy.

I love to follow people around if they have a banana until the banana is all gone.  Sometimes I get a little banana for being so good.  My second favourite thing is fuzzy soft things and my favourite fuzzy soft thingRocky March 2015 IMG_3923 is my human sister Alex’s blanket on her bed.  I’m not allowed to jump on Alex’s bed so I just rest my face on it.

One day this month I went for breakfast with my dog friend Glimmer!  It was so much fun.  I was a very good puppy.  Once in awhile I tried to sneak a nose kiss with Glimmer but I got caught every single time!  I love my dog friends.

I have a lot of favourite things but my most favourite thing is bananas.  Mmmmm.  I LOVE BANANAS!

Sincerely, Rocky

PS- this month I went on a field trip with my puppy peeps to the fire hall.  It was pretty cool!

Submitted by our PADS Puppy-in-Training, Rocky, and his “human sister”, Alex Beaton.