Rocky Sep2014Hi, my name is Rocky. I am 4 months old and I am the cutest puppy ever!

I have 2 co-raisers, Tracy & Chris and 2 human siblings, Cameron and Alex.

My human brother, Cameron, loves the Calgary Flames and almost all of his clothes are Red! He lets me lick his face (when I am not in cape) and he loves to play with me.

My human sister, Alex, loves to use me as her pillow (when I am not hyper). Her favourite colour is Pink and she is really awesome. She thinks I’m so cute!

My human dad Chris gives me lots of treats when I go pee outside (not in the house!). He loves to play with me all the time (especially outside).

My human mom Tracy seems to understand tiny humans better than puppies but she’s catching on! She has these awesome slippers that I love to carry around but she always finds me. She does computer work and has to tether me to her.

I do love my new human family and that’s all that counts!


– Submitted by Rocky’s human sister Alex from the Beaton Family