Rocky Sept 2015 IMG_0416 sml                  Rocky Sept 2015 IMG_0420 sml

So it’s back to school time.  Darn it- I’m going to miss those little trouble-makers, Cameron and Alex.  It’s kind of boring without them around.  The good news is my slacker human mom Tracy will take me for a walk earlier in the morning now and I will get to visit some of my peeps!

Rocky Sept 2015 IMG_4741 smlPersonally- I prefer the schedule of the school year however I’m not looking forward to all of that hockey and ringette stuff- it means a lot of time for me in a “down”- trying to pretend I don’t see that tasty gum under the bench or smell that delicious piece of popcorn inches from my nose.  I prefer to crash on my warm bed at home!  And so many people want to pet me and say hi when I’m at hockey and ringette- it’s exhausting!  It’s not easy being this popular and handsome!

Oh well- only 6 more months of hockey and ringette.



Submitted by our wonderful PADS Puppy-in-Training, Rocky, and his remarkable PADS Volunteer Puppy Raiser, Tracy Beaton.