At the moment, I’m living up at Silver Star Resort near Vernon, BC, with my trainer, Des. I love running around in the snow and getting lots of exercise. I’m a hyper sort of puppy and want to be on the move.

My trainer tells me that we need to interact with other dogs and people that we meet on the trail. I’m supposed to stay focused on him and not get too excited. Some days we go skijoring along the bridal trail. We meet lots of other dogs, and I’m getting better at passing them by and not going over to say hi!! I think my trainer really appreciates not getting pulled sideways out of the tracks…lol.

We do lots of LLW, and I’m quite good at it, if I don’t mind saying so. I’m very bright. I’m learning all my cues, so I try to remember them all. I’m only 12 months old, so I think I’m doing quite well. I hope you like my photos.


Submitted by: Des