Roma-2014-04-1Roma here. Did you know there are Bears in Banff?? That’s what I was told, so we are always careful when we are out camping – you know, putting away the food at night, not throwing grease on the ground, picking up the dog poop – that sort of thing. But I had NO IDEA that the bears come into the townsite! I mean, really!

Here we were, checking out the great gemstones and crystals in the rock shop in downtown Banff – this place is right on the main street – and there’s this Bear sitting outside the front door. He’s big, too – taller than I am! And black and furry just like some of the other dogs in class, and he smells like… wait a minute! He smells like my STUFFIES at home! Awww they tricked me! This bear is an overgrown Stuffie! Good one, people!

Submitted by our amazing PADS Puppy Raiser, Wendy Proudlock.