Hey everyone, hello from Airdrie. It’s me, Roma.

Thought I would send along a couple pictures of me from a recent hike. I know this sounds a little self centered, but I really love the way I look in these pictures. I am a California girl, and love having my picture taken. My raiser Mike seems to capture my best moments.

I have on my new collar, and here I am really enjoying the day out with my friends Keys and Tully. We went for a long walk at the park; it has great smells of other animals, like deer, rabbits, and I think coyotes, but we didn’t see any.

We are having some warmer weather in Alberta, and being a Cali girl, I like it better than the -20. I can go out longer and play.

Training is going really well, and I had some tests this week to see if I can help PADS, by having some of my own puppies. I have lots more tests, and I heard I may get to go to Vancouver, and stay with Laura, she is the driving force behind PADS, and a blonde like me, so I know we will hit it off. We may even get to go to some meetings together and help PADS raise money for my tests and training. Cool.

Submitted by our awesome PADS Volunteer Puppy Raiser, Mike Edgar.