Keys July2Roma here.  Just thought I would send off a note to you for July.  I have been a little neglectful lately in my correspondence – totally my fault, but hey, I AM a dog.   Pretty sure you know, but just in case you don’t:   Sammy brought home a new baby for me to help raise!  Her name is Keys, and I love her very much already!  I have been teaching her a few PADS-appropriate things.  First off, she had eight (8)  brothers & sisters, so I showed Keys that she didn’t have to worry about getting enough food here – she can be patient and sit until Sam says “Release” then eat her kibble.  Then there are the dog toys.  Keys always seems to want the toy I am chewing on, and I usually give it to her, but we sometimes tug for a minute or two over my real favorites.  Mike (my person) and Sammy (Keys’ person) keep an eye on us to make sure it’s a fair game; if we can’t agree, sometimes we lose the toy for the rest of the day.  Sometimes we get to go outside together where Sammy has put a little pool in the back yard; it was 34 degrees here last week, and that cold water feels good on the feet!  It’s like standing in my water dish – I can wade AND drink at the same time!   (Very glad Sammy keeps it clean for us!)  Keys July3 I have decided that I will help Sammy with Keys, so I stay close to the puppy, and if she makes any unusual noise, I come over right away to make sure she is OK.  So far she is doing well, and I will take the credit for that, but I do let Sammy talk to her when she is chewing on the table or flower baskets.  Sometimes we go to work with Sam at Macleod Trail Animal Hospital – a place I highly recommend to ALL my friends because it is our Sponsor Vet Hospital.  Keys has been a little whiney lately, so I asked Sam to put me in the same kennel so I could snuggle with her and that seemed to do the trick – Keys confessed she missed her mom.   I am getting close to my birthday and I think my wish will be to find a nice guy to have some puppies with, because I just LOVE them.  I have attached a couple pictures of me and Keys, chilling around the house.

Keys July1Talk to you later; have a puppy to raise.

PS:  I almost forgot to mention: I went to the Calgary Zoo and met a new friend. She was really cool, even though she smelled a little funny, and was way hairier than my person, Mike.  Kinda cute though.  She told me if I come back to visit, I could share her banana.


Submitted by our fantastic PADS Volunteer Puppy Raiser, Mike Edgar